DevOps Engineer Resume Example

As a senior DevOps engineer, your work involves breaking down silos, increasing automation, and optimizing the systems development life cycle. The good news is these are all objectives with quantifiable results that you can easily showcase. If you are a recent graduate, you may list individual university courses or completed projects that show that you have the skills recruiters are looking for. Many IT professionals continue their training through certifications and coursework. You may list those certificates here or create a separate certifications section to highlight the work you have done since you graduated.

Start building a professional resume template here for free. Are you moving from development to DevOps, from IT to DevOps, or from anything to DevOps? This is not an entry-level position, and as such recruiters will want to see a progression in your career up to this point. Showing promotions in your career indicates to recruiters that you are an exemplary employee and have had a successful career.

Tips to help you write your Elasticsearch / Elastic search DevOps Engineer CV in 2024

Your entry-level DevOps engineer resume can still put you in the pipeline. It also lists percents and other numbers to show how solid your skills are. The first of those DevOps resume samples nails the black box test. Pick the right achievements for your bullet points and you’ll stand out like Gene Kim. The template takes care of the formatting, leaving you free to focus on writing your content. So, craft a special section within your resume and add your resume certificates there.

A lead DevOps engineer resume should emphasize your leadership experience, project management skills, and ability to mentor and guide other team members. Include examples of how you have successfully led teams to achieve project goals and how your leadership has contributed to the overall success of your organization. List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent position.

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Mention any successful collaborative projects you’ve worked on and how you helped the team achieve their goals. This could include resolving communication issues between developers and operations, or implementing streamlined deployment processes that cut downtime. In your CV, focus on projects that allowed you to demonstrate your leadership and communication skills.

DevOps requires a blend of technical knowledge and problem-solving skills. The ability to display these traits in a DevOps engineer resume can make all the difference in getting that next great gig. Recruiters rely on the one page of information you provide to determine whether or not to offer you an interview.

Skills you can include on your AWS DevOps Engineer CV

Include the company name, job title, dates of employment, and a brief description of your roles and responsibilities. Focus on your achievements and how you contributed to the success of your team or project. DevOps engineering is a technical role, so it’s likely you have some training, certifications, how to become a devops engineer and professional affiliations to include. This warrants its own section, or you can add it to your education section. Make sure to include details of the course/certification and the dates you completed it. Showing off your relevant DevOps engineering skills is an essential part of your resume.

Include a link to your portfolio of software work from your resume header. If you have a LinkedIn profile, website, or any other social media URLs that show off your professional accomplishments, list those as well. If you feel you can highlight your skills with the reverse-chronological format, we recommend that you do so since this is easiest for recruiters. DevOps engineers are well compensated for their broad range of skills with salaries in the six figures. Add in bonuses and other cash compensation, and that rises to $149,993.

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